Welcome!  You’ve reached the ILR tech support network.

Please remember, in order to relieve some of the burden on volunteers, the ILR has revised its membership and registration process and all of that now occurs on the website.

This technical help exists to reduce frustrations that may arise learning the new procedures.

  1. If you are experiencing difficulties completing a credit card transaction, please power cycle your computer/device. Power cycling means turning it completely off and back on – not just closing the lid or letting it go to sleep. This maneuver clears about 99% of all credit card issues. If that doesn’t help, please call Paul at the help desk (contact info below).
  2. Membership is required in order to purchase access to all courses and LOMs.
  3. Websites look different on computers than they do on mobile devices (tablets and cell phones).

For phone support call (520)329-7661.

For email support send request to:  [email protected]