Summer Courses

Summer 2019 Courses
There are no fees for the summer classes, but if you are not a member of the ILR, you must pay the $25 life-time membership fee in order to register.

Remember: You MUST pre-register for summer courses by May 15. Fill out and return the summer 2019 ILR Registration Form.

  1. E-mail to:
  2. Regular mail to: Randolph Myerson, 14118 N. Buckingham Dr., Oro Valley, AZ 85755. Do not mail to Sun City ILR PO Box.




Times & Dates

1. Moguls and Movie Stars This course is based on the Ken Burns video series “The West”. Each episode will be followed by a discussion. Jim Williams has taught ILR courses since 2007.  7 sessions
Activity Center Hopi Room
9:00-11:00           July 1-Aug 12
2. Broadway Musical Movies In this class we will enjoy 7 films of Broadway Musicals. This is a continuation of the winter course History of Broadway Musicals. Join us for fun as we watch some movies together and sing along. Jane Myerson has taught a variety of ILR courses over the past few years.
7 sessions
Activity Center Hopi Room
May 14-Jun 25
3. Coastal Marine EcologyThis course will introduce you to the coastal environments of the United States. We will discuss the ecology of sand beaches, salt marshes and rocky shorelines including coral reefs. Ed Caine has a PhD in Aquatic Ecology and has taught marine biology for 24 years at several universities. He has published many articles on this subject. 3 sessions
Activity Center
Hopi Room
July 2-Jul 16
4. Early Music Backstories: Music in Context This course will be about Early Music (pre-1750). It is not “just music” and will include simple   explanations of the background, history, instruments and research involved in early music. Each class will consist of about 20 short YouTube videos and will include musicologists and directors discussing the music followed by several examples. Garry Buck has taught several courses on this topic for the ILR. He is neither a professional    musician nor a musicologist but this topic is a passion of his. 5 sessions
Activity Center Hopi Room
Jun 5-Jul 3