UA Water & Energy Sustainable Technology Systems


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Tuesday Jan. 9th. Group Limit 22
W.E.S.T is a state-of-the-art facility for research into new water and energy technology systems. Among some of the current research projects are reducing energy use in water treatment, the mobility of PFSA’s in soil, anti-resistant genes in wastewater, plus monitoring for fungus, MonkeyPox, Covid and other pollutants in Arizona’s water systems. The tour guide will be the director himself, Dr. Ian Pepper, who has won countless awards for his many years of research as a microbiologist dealing with air, water, soils and waste. This is a 10:00 tour of the plant located out west on Calle de Aqua Nueva. Lunch will be at a Restaurant on the way back to Sun City. Trip Leader: Alice Hutchison [email protected]