As the World Turns – Is the U.S. Turning With it?


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As the World Turns – Is the United States Turning with it?

Session 1:  The conflicts in the Middle East, Israel and Iran over weapons enrichment, the danger of US/Russia.  What happened to the Abraham Accords and the Oslo Accords?  Is there any hope for a two state solution and peace?

Session 2:  Europe and the Ukraine; who will “win” the war; the danger of nuclear conflict; how long with NATO support Ukraine?  Is Biden’s promise of ‘as long as it takes’ credible.  Is Russia still powerful or a paper tiger?

Session 3:  China and the Pacific: will China try to take Taiwan?  How difficult would it be for the U.S. to provide support?  China’s worldwide aspirations with the “Belt and Road” initiative. Dangers of a nuclear conflict and the North Korea threats.

Session 4:  The United States Presidential and Congressional elections; who are the candidates; what are the defining issues?  Is the recession real?  Any hope to restore decency and bipartisanship in Congress?  The current poll predictions for POTUS, Congress and Arizona elections.

Presenter:  Major General Donald W. Shepperd, USAF (Ret) with 39 and a half years in uniform from the Pentagon and in 1998 head of the Air National Guard.  He is a combat veteran who flew 247 fighter combat missions in Vietnam and was a military analyst for CNN for 6 years following his retirement.  A distinguished graduate of the United States Air Force Academy (1962) and has six books available on Amazon.

4 Wednesdays in February at 2:00 p.m. beginning the 7th in Catalina Vista. The second session is February 14th, the third session February

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