8. Origami: In Art and Science moderated by Lei Bammel




Have you always been fascinated with Origami and/or wanted to be able to fold little Cranes out of colorful squares of paper? Then this course is tailor made for you. But it will go much beyond just learning some traditional Japanese folds. It will also include a little history of Origami, viewing a DVD documenting 10 artists many of whom are scientists, and watching a PBS NOVA DVD about how the knowledge of folding is being applied in science by engineers to design drugs, micro-robots, and future space missions. The basic course is 3 weeks long. But wait – there’s more! If enough are interested in learning how to fold more objects, the course can go longer. Please don’t register unless you believe that you can attend all three classes and are interested in learning/doing the folding and not just interested in watching the DVDs (which will be available in the SCOV Library after being shown in class). This class requires a minimum of 11 participants and is limited to a maximum of 21 participants.           

Lei Bammel has been doing Origami off and on for a few years with her most recent achievement being able to fold 4 Cranes attached at their beaks from just one 8.25” piece of paper. Her pre-retirement years were primarily allocated to University teaching, research, writing articles and books, and conference presentations. She has presented many ILR courses.

Thursday,  9:00-11:00         3-5 weeks        Oct 10-Nov 7