8. Letterboxing – Debbie Kotlarek




2 weeks, Thursdays, February 16 and 23, 9-11 AM  Do you enjoy getting out into the great outdoors? Would you like to add another dimension to your hikes? Letterboxing combines elements of a scavenger hunt, hiking, orienteering, map reading, puzzle solving, and creative expression, in a unique activity that has grown in popularity over the years. This course is devoted to the wonderful hobby, (some say “sport”) of letterboxing, which has been popular in England for over 160 years and in the US since 1998. It includes an overview of letterboxing, how boxes are hidden and found, and opportunities to carve your own rubber stamp. There is an optional third session to go with the instructor to find letterboxes in Oro Valley.

Debbie Kotlarek and her husband, Jon Russell, have been letterboxers for 19 years. After hearing about it from a friend, they did some research and found their first letterbox in 2003. Since then they’ve found and hidden boxes in all 50 states and several other countries. They moved from Wisconsin to SCOV in 2016 to enjoy the climate, mountains, and friendly community. They are active in Bocce, Prepare and Share, and the Rock and Roll Club.