6. Good Morning Vietnam moderated by Randy Moody




In 1968 a young Army Captain was sent to Vietnam to serve as officer-in-charge of network news for the American Forces Vietnam Network (AFVN) – six radio stations and eight television stations for troops  stationed there. After more than 50 years, Randy Moody revisits in this course some of his experiences: the dangers of covering a war, including the killing of three of his newsmen; the pervasive attempts at censorship by the brass, which resulted in a Congressional investigation; and the first-ever live coverage of a presidential election in a war zone. AFVN was made  famous by the movie “Good Morning, Vietnam” which made a star of its lead actor, Robin Williams.

Randy Moody is a retired lawyer and lobbyist who served on active duty as an Army officer from November 1966 to June 1969 and has served various command positions during that period. He has had a varied career as a journalist, Congressional and gubernatorial staffer, political consultant and lobbyist as well as practicing law. Since his retirement he has written op-ed and travel articles for the Arizona Daily Star and the Lincoln (NE) Journal Star.

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