6. Bugs, Birds, Bats and Their Flowers – Marion Cimmino


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4 weeks, Fridays, 9:00-11:00, March 5-March 26, 2021.

Almost 400,000 species of flowering plants have been identified. Flowering plants make up 90% of the Plant Kingdom. The first flowering plant fossils are from about 130 million years ago. Today they inhabit almost every environment and are found on every continent except Antarctica. How did they become the dominant form of vegetation? One theory proposes that flowers formed partnerships with different kinds of animals which led to the speciation, spread and dominance. Why were partnerships formed? Do partnerships exist today? Who or what formed partnerships with flowers? We will look for these answers in the animal world of bugs, birds and bats.

Marion Cimmino is a retired biology teacher and a frequent contributor to the ILR curriculum. Her courses offer an interesting understanding of the natural environment which surrounds us.