4. Eat Plants: Prevent and reverse chronic disease with whole food, plant-based eating – The Happy Vegan Couple


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12 weeks – Tuesdays, 2:00-4:00, January 5-March 23, 2021.

Discover the many benefits of eating a whole food, plant-based diet, whether your diet is 100% plant-based or you simply increase the amount of plant food you eat. Most disease is caused by harmful lifestyle practices, such as your diet and not from the genes you inherit. In this class we will share the best practices for eating a well-balanced, healthy and delicious plant-based diet so you can reduce your risk of suffering from common lifestyle diseases such as cardiovascular, Alzheimer’s, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, auto-immune conditions and more. Many recipe ideas will be shared along with cooking videos. This class will also cover the scientific evidence for why plant-based eating has many nutritional advantages that enable you to age gracefully and significantly reduce your risk for chronic disease as compared to people eating a diet mainly of animal and processed foods.

Important themes will be discussed such as where do you get protein and calcium in a plant-based diet; what is the root cause of an unhealthy gut and digestive illnesses; how does calorie density impact body weight; which plant fats are healthy to eat and which are not; how plant foods affect IGF-1, a hormone linked to cancer promotion; why plant-based eaters have low levels of TMAO … and more. This discussion will include short video segments from lectures given by various physicians, researchers and dietitians in the plant-based medical community.

Whether you wish to fully transition to a plant-based lifestyle or simply want to add more plant food to your diet, we believe you will find this will be one of the most significant lifestyle behaviors you can take to enhance your personal health and increase your longevity.

The Happy Vegan Couple are enthusiastic about teaching people how to cook and transition to a lifestyle of  healthy eating. Denise Rose is an experienced educator presenting the non-cooking content of their classes. She is a Ph.D sociologist with an interest in public health. Georgie Campas has lifelong experience as a cook for both his family and for restaurants. They have been featured speakers for health festivals in Tucson, Phoenix and Durango and have authored a book on the subject. Together they have been teaching classes in Tucson on plant-based eating for several years.