3. Cooking With Georgie -The Happy Vegan Couple




4 weeks, Fridays, 2:00-4:00, Oct. 8-Oct. 29
Whole food, plant-based eating is considered one of the healthiest lifestyle adaptations a person can make for themselves. In this interactive course, Chef Georgie will demonstrate food preparation and complete cooking instructions while Denise, his wife, will explain the health benefits of the ingredients. Prior to each class all participants will be sent a shopping list of ingredients so that you will be able to cook along at home during the class.

Georgie Campas has lifelong experience as a cook for both his family and for restaurants. Denise Rose is an experienced educator presenting the non-cooking content of their classes. She is a Ph.D sociologist with an interest in public health. Together they have been featured speakers for health festivals in Tucson, Phoenix and Durango and have authored a book on the subject. Together they have been teaching classes in Tucson on plant-based eating for several years.