3. Convivencia – Gene Bammel




Convivencia – Gene Bammel

The conflict between Faith and Reason is still very much alive today. In the 12th century, with the rediscovery of the works of Aristotle – Moslems, Jews, and Christians struggled with how their respective faiths were in harmony or disharmony with these newly rediscovered works. For a brief time, they collaborated in Spain, and there appeared to be a harmony between the three religions. “Ornament of the World” is a DVD that brings these issues to life, and it will form the basis for this course. We will view the DVD, and add appropriate comments about how this might help us forge a way forward in our deeply conflicted world.

Gene Bammel has a PhD in philosophy and has taught courses in various Life Long Learning programs for 20 years.

4 weeks, Fridays,10:00-12:00, Oct. 2-Oct. 23