2. Primitive Weapons: The Atlatl (2+) – Bob Kitch




2 weeks, Mondays, February 6 & 13, 2 to 4 PM Class size will be limited to allow for maximum participation. For thousands of years our ancestors, living as hunter-gatherers used the land and wilderness skills to survive. Even before man had discovered fire, he utilized tools in his everyday life, weapons to kill game for food and to defend himself from others wanting to take what was his. First weapons were stone and sticks but human ingenuity figured a sling would propel a stone farther and faster and those sticks with spear-head could go farther with a notched launching device. That came to be known as an atlatl. Today the practice of primitive weaponry is a growing sport. There are dozens of primitive weapon camps every year; ranked competitions and hobbyists creating artistic designs for the atlatl. In these introductory sessions, you will learn more about the development of the atlatl, see it demonstrated (and will try it yourself) as well as admire Bob’s own collections.

Bob Kitch is a retired dentist with a farm near the Columbia River in Washington; he loads his RV every October and heads for scheduled primitive weapon competitions all over the West.  He has international rankings as an atlatl thrower and is a well- known and respected competitor.