10. Mark Twain: His Life and Huckleberry Finn moderated by Linda Griffin




This course will review the life of this famous American author and highlight his most famous works, focusing on this most famous novel, Huckleberry Finn. We will answer the questions: What can this novel tell us about the time period in which it was written? How is Twain being satirical about American Society? What is his portrayal of women? What points are relevant to our lives today? Participants should buy a copy of Huckleberry Finn.  ABE Books (on line) has inexpensive used copies for sale.

Linda Griffin, Ph.D  has taught college English for 40 years earning the distinction of Outstanding     Teacher at the local and state levels. Since retiring she has continued teaching literature courses at    Saddlebrooke, Splendido, and Fairwinds, and now at Sun City.

4 sessions, Fridays, 9:00-11:00, Feb 14-Mar 6 (classes meet in Welcome Center Conf. Rm. 3)