1. The Civil War in our National Parks – David Kroese




4 weeks, Wednesdays, 1:00-3:00, Feb 2-23 Zoom only. Over ninety of our 423 National Park Service sites have a direct connection to the Civil War! Such is the impact the Civil War had on American history and the country we live in today. We explore these sites and some of their fascinating aspects, revisiting many profound stories and the heroism and tragedy in events that changed the course of our nation.

David Kroese left a 25-year career in the corporate world to pursue his personal interests, becoming one of about fifty people known to have visited all 423 National Park Service units in December 2017. Over the past decade, David has logged over 1,500 visits and hiked thousands of trail miles in NPS sites across the country. David wrote of his experiences in the first published narrative through all the NPS sites, The Centennial: A Journey through America’s National Park System. David shares his enthusiasm for our park system in speaking engagements across the country and is currently working on his next book, Amidst the Icons: Hidden Gems of America’s National Park System.