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  • Arizona State Museum

    Tuesday, March 14. This is a behind-the-scenes tour into both the Basketry and Pottery Vaults wherein some of the 24,000 whole pots and 36,000 baskets and fabric arts are stored according to the State’s Custodial mandate. Your guide will be the Head of Collections, Diane Dittemore. Our group will be split in 3 as there…

  • Asarco/Duval Mine –

    Wednesday, January 18. This is a guided, small passenger bus tour with disembarking stops. We will learn the “whats and hows” of the copper mining business – the history of the boom, bust, and controversial environment today. The mine is approx. one hour South of here so we will carpool in the Views lot at…

  • Music in Patagonia


    Sunday, April 2. This is a fun day carpooling to Patagonia for lunch at the iconic Wagon Wheel restaurant, walking Main Street followed by a 2:00 tour and lecture in and about the historic Opera House itself. This will be followed by a 3:00 PM cello and piano concert in the most intimate house setting….

  • Tree Ring Dendrochronology Lab

    Friday, February 17. This is a one-and-a-hal-hour tour with a seasoned docent. We will be walking through the lab visiting areas of research such as dendroclimatology, geomorphology, hydrology, isotope chemistry and other environmental concerns. Research going on there now has Russians working on reconstructing the drought in Siberia. The Lab itself was established in 1973…