Institute of Learning in Retirement Officers and Committees

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    Officers and Board

    President: Mary Lee Fitzgerald
    VP: Alice Hutchison
    Treasurer: Renate Kloppinger
    Secretary: Mary Rea

    Curriculum Chair: Randy Myerson
    Registrar: Sherwin & Karen Koopmans
    Member at Large: Ellie Williams (Webmaster)
    Member at Large: Dean Chapman
    Member at Large Judy Kuhel
    Members at Large: Gene and Lei Bammel (Previous Presidents and Co-Founders)

    Curriculum Committee

    Curriculum Chair: Randy Myerson
    Sally Evert

    Sampler Committee

    Sally Evert, Chairperson
    Garry Buck
    Robbie Collins
    Jane Fairchild
    Sue Paluska

    A/V Consultant – Jack Evert

    Tech Committee

    Harold Wood, Chairperson
    Randy Myerson